Since he was a child, Gianluca Bagliani gave signs of his artistic vocation showing his true aptitude for sculpture with results that often have aroused the admiration of the connoisseurs amazed by his works and the age of the artist.


Gianluca choose to refine his natural talent at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome; there he met Professor Antonio Casillo , an extraordinary scholar and friend . The memory of the pasts competitions that he joined as a teenager and for which he has received awards is now overshadowed by the positive reviews coming from all over the world. His sculptures are present in private collections in U.S. and China whose art critic Wang , expressly praised his works.


Curriculum Vitae:

1998 Boston- Taft University- ” Meeting of Trends ”

1998 Prague Academy of Glass – ” From the Kafka’s Bridge to the Border”

2002 San Venanzio – Statue of Padre Pio for the convent of the Missionaries of Christ”

2003 Exhibition at the Chateau of Napoule Cannes, France

2004 Soriano nel Cimino – Implementation of the monument in Luigi Pirandello

2004 Soriano nel Cimino – exhibition ” Reminiscences from the hands ”

2005 Rome – ” Meeting of Generations” Giulia Gallery

2007 Rome – Medal for the State Police

2009 Rome – Sculpture honors for the fallen law enforcement

2009 Rome – Award Persephone

2010 Rome – Award Persephone

2011 Award Centro Caprarola

2011 Chia – Implementation of the monument in Pier Paolo Pasolini